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Cact-o-imp by AngelladyDesert Sorcerer: The Seven SpiresCact-o-imp by Angellady

In the land of Mtahh mn Alnar, those who use magic are both greatly revered and strongly feared. While some of these magi use their powers for the greater good, there are others who use them for self-serving reasons or are forced to perform for the sake of another’s selfish whims.

You are a magus of Mtahh mn Alnar. Like other magi your power is only tiny in comparison to the magi that have gone down in legend, myth and history, but you dream of becoming a part of the elite that will go down in history. However, things are about to change, and your world is about to be shattered by “Artfa’e”, the rising of seven towers within Mtahh mn Alnar.

Your destiny is changing… will you be ready for it?

Among the shifting sands of time
And sleeping within the lands of life
Seven Spires await the moment
For Artfa’e, the rising from this earth
Passionate Fire
Tranquil Water
Spirited Wind
Stalwart Sand
And Three Holy Lights of Divinity
They sleep, waiting for the children of magic

WE ARE OPEN FOR ENROLLMENTS! Link your application when you request to join the group :D

OPEN APPLICATION. Only time the group is closed for Enrollment is when a story mission is taking place!




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A word from :iconangellady::

Hello there! Welcome to Desert Sorcerer: The Seven Spires!

In this roleplaying group, we want to give the creative power to the members. The storyline is based upon member contribution, the landscape of Mtahh mn Alnar and the people that inhabit it are within the creative control of the members (with exception to major landmarks and NPCs already listed in previous blogs).

That means that the backstory of your character is completely customisable. They don’t need to be born in a city; they could be born in a farming community, a mining town, or be part of a merchant caravan. They could have been born as an aristocrat, or they could be the poorest of the poor. They could be used to a life of luxury, or heed the call of adventure. The possibilities are truly endless.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me and :iconsumiere:. We’d be more than happy to help!

Please Note the Index Journal underneath this Entry and the Events Journal below that one too. They will be SUPREMELY important!

Have fun! And thank you for visiting our page!



Cact-o-imp by AngelladyCact-o-imp by AngelladyCact-o-imp by AngelladyCact-o-imp by AngelladyCact-o-imp by AngelladyCact-o-imp by AngelladyCact-o-imp by AngelladyCact-o-imp by AngelladyCact-o-imp by AngelladyCact-o-imp by Angellady

Bad news guys :( We're really sorry but due to lack of committment we'll have to go on indefinite hiatus (I know its annoying; we're sorry) We'll let you all know when we actually get our butts into gear.

Main Quest Event


Side Quest Event



“This is my home!”:
Everyone needs a sanctuary to go back to. How about drawing your character’s room/house/family home?

A day in the life of a Jinni:
You can draw your Jinni’s day in a little 4 korma comic, or even write a diary entry if your Jinni ever kept a diary. This is just for fun!

Background Events

Phase 1
:bulletpurple:Altwyr Mdynh:bulletpurple: – currently at peace, protected by the ‘Birdmen’. The spire that has risen is under high security; no one is to go in until further notice.

:bulletblue:Mdynh Alnafwrat:bulletblue: – when the spire rose, a mysterious epidemic struck the city, causing even the most talented of healers to struggle with it.

:bulletred:Mdynh Aldhb:bulletred: – things appear peaceful enough on the surface though the newly risen spire is sparking a little bit of greed from the wealthiest of merchants. Magi slaves are grumbling a little.

:bulletyellow:Almdynh mn Al’eaj:bulletyellow: – the military autocracy is taking advantage of the spire’s wildlife by sending magi or suspected magi and criminals to their deaths inside. There are whispers of dissent in the slums.

:bulletwhite::bulletblack::bulletpink:The Alnar Desert:bulletpink::bulletblack::bulletwhite: – A vicious sandstorm makes it impossible to travel into the heart of the desert, forcing travelling merchant caravans and travellers to ride around the outskirts from city to city. It would be foolish to try and enter now.
More Journal Entries


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